Power animal retrieval is a process to connect you to your totem animal and spirit guides that provide guidance, protection, and support.

Shamanic Journey/Rock Divination is an altered state of consciousness to travel between the physical and spiritual worlds. There answers and guidance could be found. I can teach you how to journey in an hour session or take the journey on your behalf to find the guidance for you. I can also us a rock to find answers as well.

Power Soul Retrieval  - 60 to 90 min $75

Soul loss is a contributing factor to disease. Soul loss occurs during trauma, which can be physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma. Soul loss can also allow for spirit attachment to occur. Have you ever came out of a situation feeling like something is missing or not quite right? It's a survival technique to preserve important aspects of the soul. Your consciousness may even leave the body temporarily, as is the case during many car accidents. If the trauma is bad enough the soul can even shatter, like with rape. A lot of times those parts do not come back on their own. This is a ceremony performed to bring back those parts.

Possession or Spirit Attachment Removal  - 60 to 90 min $75

This is when a spirit (usually deceased) invades your aura or body. They attach when your energy matches their own. Sometimes they don’t even know they are deceased, they are in denial. They sometimes attach when a person is doing the things it enjoyed while living. Sometimes they just want to join in on the fun. In either case, it can intensify cravings or intensify feelings that are shared feelings. They fill a space in the aura or body that needs healed and a Soul Retrieval might be beneficial as well. Physical symptoms can vary depending on the spirit, the most common being moderate to severe depression, fatigue, anxiety, moodiness, fears and phobias. Some stronger types can be more intense and have stronger physical symptoms. These usually include increased heart-rate and/or Blood pressure, extreme insomnia, a loss of appetite and mental confusion.


This is a ceremony performed to send those spirits home and out of your body/aura. Everything created came from  God/Creator/Source, so they all can be healed. The more “evil” they are, indicates the farther away from God/Creator/Source they have become. It is important to know, fear, anger and all those types of emotions makes them stronger. Love heals them or makes them leave, since they usually believe love will make them dissipate and cease to exist.


House/Land clearing/blessing - $50 an hour


To clear away all the old negative energy and bring in positive loving energies. It's a ceremony done in the home or on the land to heal it. Prayers are said, sage and other herbs are burned. This changes the energy and brings in the angels, to cross over any spirits and heal the area.

Energy Extraction, Power Animal Retrieval or Shamanic Journey/Rock Divination - $50

Energy Extraction is a process of removing energy from the body that doesn't belong and could be blocking the chakras

Some services can be done remotely using Zoom