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Reviews - (originally on Google or Facebook)

Cathy is an excellent holistic health practitioner. She is kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services.

MJ Williams   08/2019

I went to Cathy for a soul retrieval and received a very profound positive healing experience. She was able to remove a very dark dense energy that had been holding me back for years! I will be returning for more clearing and I highly recommend her services.

Patrick Giannaccini   12/2019

I am absolutely blown away by Cathy's abilities and compassion. I have more recently gotten out of my religious bubble and am now embracing religion and spirituality as a whole. When I first came to Cathy, I admit I was embarking on my path and open to her processes. I did not have any real expectations as I had never tried Reiki. After our first couple of sessions, I was definitely feeling my chakra energies aligning and decided to try the Soul Retrieval. It has been the MOST amazing experience I have mentally and emotionally been through on my spiritual journey and I was astonished at what Cathy knew about me and my past, even though she and I have never talked about it previously. I knew then that Cathy has a true gift and I will continue using her as my practitioner as the work she has been doing for me is making a true difference. I HIGHLY recommend that anyone wanting to try spiritual healing see Cathy. She truly has been blessed with a gift!

Aubrey Beavers   03/2020
I had my first Shaman Soul Retrieval Ceremony yesterday March the 14th 2020 in the comfort of Cathy's other location which is in Pennsylvania. I don't believe in labels and categorizing people, but for the sake of better understanding I am a Psychic, Medium, Healer, Astrologer, Numerologist, etc..  With all of these abilities I have had since the age of 3, I can see what an individuals energy, intent, strengths, their weaknesses are and how genuine and true they are to themselves and the ability they are choosing to practice. I can without ANY doubt say that Cathy is a natural, pure, positive and very powerful woman who's energy is truly Angelic. She has not only made me feel extremely comfortable, she removed 3 lower vibrational energies, in just 1 session, which found spaces within my soul to make a home due to several traumatic experiences, spirit/ghost attachments, past life and generational energies that have been passed down.

After the Soul Retrieval Ceremony, I immediately felt lighter, happier and more grounded. A day has passed and I feel closer to my self, that my soul is returning and gaining it's wholeness, which is so exciting, knowing that your true self is healing and becoming whole again.

I highly recommend anyone who has either gone or is going through a rough time, has or is experienced any kind of trauma, has or is having problems connecting to self and or others and or is experiencing problems receiving abundance you know you deserve, trust that you will be closer to becoming your true self, healed and freed from things that block you on either conscious or subconscious/unconscious level.

I couldn't be more grateful and happier that I met Cathy and will be coming back for my second session in 2 weeks!

Gabriella Von   03/2020

Thank you for the time you have put into my daughter and myself. I definitely want to know more and am very impressed by our experience. Hoping to continue on the healing path

Purrty Snow  03/2021

She has healed me more than years of counseling ever could have . Today I walked out with closure to a situation I never thought I would ever have and I haven’t felt so free in such a long time. The negative is gone and I am even able to feel more love from those around me. She knew what I needed before I even did and she knew the urgency more than I did. Give this woman a chance because she is truly an Angel sent from a higher place and a gift from above. I highly recommend scheduling a session immediately because you won’t regret it.

Angela Miller   02/2022

I went into a soul retrieval session with no expectations at all. I figured, the worst that can happen is I learn some new info on self healing. I saw Ms. Cathy and had an incredible experience. It is an understatement to say that she healed parts of me that were unexpected and deeply personal. I 100% recommend her to anyone who is considering healing in your soul or just need some help right now getting through whatever it is that's holding you back. Chances are if you're reading reviews you have been lead here by reasons only known to you. Do it. Call her, you will not regret the decision.

Des Miller   03/2022

I learned so much about myself after my visit with Cathy . If you’re on the fence about whether or not u should see her , yes , just do it . We all deserve to be the best we can be .

Sharon Johnson   05/2022

I met with Cathy for a soul retrieval today. Cathy was warm, inviting, intuitive and I truly appreciated the process. Cathy put a lot of energy into the process and when the ceremony was over I felt a lightness almost like I was no longer carrying a weight. I look forward to see the transitions within the next few days and weeks. I left there more calm, more focused and I can just feel a burden lifted. I highly recommend Cathy. I'll be returning for reiki soon.

Andrew McDermott   06/2022

Absolutely Amazing!!!! She is truly an Angelic being! I’ve had 2 sessions and will definitely be back again!!

Megan Schrack   12/2022

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