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Cathy Guthrie-Smetzer, CCHt, B.S - HW

Cathy sees clients for Hypnotherapy, Health & Life Coaching, Sound Healing (with Tuning Forks), Quantum Angel Reiki, and Shamanic Services. She has a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, from Kaplan University (2016). At Southwest Institute of Healing Arts she received her Hypnotherapy Certificate in 3/2018 and Certified Master (Clinical) Hypnotherapy in 6/2020, with 310 hours of training. She is a member and certified through the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) also with the International Hypnosis Federation as a Past Life Regression Specialist. She is taking classes with WellCoaches for national certification in Health and Wellness Coaching. She's a Circle Member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies,  and  Member of The Panther Lodge, Bear Tribe Medicine Society (formerly called Bear Tribe Medicine Society).


Before going back to school, Cathy spent sixteen years in the Bradenton/Sarasota area of Florida. Where she was mentored by a few of Sarasota’s prominent spiritual leaders: Rev. Zan Benham, Jo Mooy​ & Patricia Cockerill. She has been a Reiki Master since 2009, trained by Zan Benham, in the lineage of Diane Stine, author of Essential Reiki. Zan is a card carrying member of the Cherokee Nation, Bear Tribe Medicine Society and has ties to Shamans in Peru and Brazil. She taught Cathy many things from these spiritual traditions: fire circle ceremonies, sweat lodge, ceremonial drum making, sacred pipe ceremony, journeying and more. She is also who gave Cathy the spirit name, Sierra, told to her in a dream. Her Reiki training was enhanced by attending energy workshops: Quantum Touch, Advance Quantum Touch and Sound Workshops taught by Jo and Patricia. She volunteered as an energy healer before meditation gatherings for Jo and Patricia.


After she moved back to the tri-state area. She received Karuna Reiki training with Sue Edwards, and training with Tuning Forks from Ohm Therapeutics TM  with instructor Samantha Jennings. She continues to receive training through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies with Dana Robinson. In person Workshops she's taken include: Way of the Shaman, Shamanism & Nature Spirits, Shamanism: Dying and Beyond, Extraction Healing Training, Power Soul Retrieval  and Dana & Shana's Workshop, Possession: White Table Ceremony and online Shamanic Divination in Practice. She is also a continuing student of Wind Daughter, Medicine Chief of  The Bear Tribe Medicine Society, now called The Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society. Click the links above to sign up for their newsletters or get more information on each one.

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