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Health, Wellness and Life Coaching : $75 a session

Using a combination of hypnosis, nutrition, exercise, and any combination of modalities shown on this website, to bring lasting lifestyle changes. We start with evaluating what parts of your life you would like help in. This can mean teaching ways of meditating to reduce stress and improve energy levels. If diet is a concern, I can show how the foods you eat daily compare to what you need to be healthy. How to begin exercise or develop daily routines. Hypnosis can be used to help the area in your life you would like improvement with. I am able to combine the knowledge obtained from my Bachelor of Science in Health & Wellness, Life Coaching, and Hypnosis to help you improve your well being and find the areas of your life that need attention. 

If you pay in advance for five sessions, you get the sixth session free - $375

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