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My Mission is to give emotional support and guidance to those who are ready to heal, If you’re ready to go inside yourself to find that healing, I am commit to guiding you on that journey.

Everything is made up of energy. Improving the flow of energy supports and encourages the  body's own healing capablites.

       Energy Medicine incorporates several different modalities to promote      

         healing by enhancing energy flow. It corrects the disturbances in the       

  “human energy field” or “aura”, which permeates and surrounds the body.  



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Services are by appointment only.


Hagerstown Holistic Wellness - 28 S Potomac St. #2R, Hagerstown, Md.
My Treatment Room - 4191 Coseytown Rd, Greencastle, Pa.

There are morning hours through the week and weekend hours available.

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Quantum Angel Reiki

Quantum Angel Reiki

$65 - 60 min


This is Reiki mixed with Quantum Touch, Sound Healing Techniques and some Shamanic practices of energy extraction. I also am a conduit for angelic energy. The angels are always there waiting for you to ask for assistance. Free will prevents them from intervening until you ask for their help. Quantum Angel Reiki is done in the private room at my home treatment room, or Hagerstown Holistic Wellness, while fully dressed. I can also use Zoom remotely, in the comfort of your own home.

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